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About Us


about us

FABRIC STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD. provides “construction contracting for warehouses and factories” using pre-engineered steel building systems. We have a team of engineers, architects, foremen with more than 20 years of experience specializing in construction, warehouses, and factory projects. We offer comprehensive services from design, foundation work, structural steel design, and complete construction contracting from start to finish. FABRIC STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD. is dedicated to modernizing construction management for timely and efficient project execution.

Company Policy

“We are dedicated to developing construction processes with quality, providing fast service,
utilizing cutting-edge construction technology, and offering competitive pricing.”

Free! Explore the area, lay out building plans, and visualize in 3D.

Estimate the budget for pre-engineered steel building construction

Why Choose Fabric Steel Buildings Co., Ltd. for
Warehouse and Factory Construction Services

Team work

Our team consists of experienced engineers, architects, and foremen who work together seamlessly.


We ensure that our designs and construction adhere to engineering standards.


We manufacture every component in our factory using modern machinery.

Fast & Efficient

We are fast and efficient construction services.

  • As direct experts in warehouse and factory construction, we possess comprehensive knowledge in every phase of the process, enabling us to offer valuable guidance to our clients. This includes accurate design work, creating appropriate space layouts, designing buildings to accommodate machinery within factories, and even designing roofs to support solar panels, among other aspects.
  • Service Excellence: We provide fast and accurate guidance based on engineering principles. We remain flexible and capable of making changes and adjustments until our clients are satisfied. Additionally, we offer 3D designs for clients to consider, ensuring a precise understanding of the project.
  • Comprehensive Service: We handle every aspect of the project, from initial design to securing construction permits, all the way to project completion. Our clients can rest assured that we have all aspects of project management covered.
  • Peace of Mind: We offer a payment system that allows clients to pay after the work has been completed and reviewed, providing peace of mind.

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