Design and Construction

We provide services from design to construction, with the necessary permits.



FABRIC STEEL BUILDINGS CO., LTD. offers design and construction services for pre-engineered steel buildings. Our team of engineers has direct experience in designing high-quality warehouses and factories, following engineering principles accurately. We use international standards and software programs to design according to global standards.

Design standards

ANSI/ AISC 360-05(ASD) – Specification for structural steel buildings

AISI-007 ‘American Iron and Steel Institute’ Cold Formed Steel Design

IBC-2009 ‘International Building Code’

Loading standards

ANSI/ ASCE 7 98 Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures

ANSI/ AISC 341 05 Seismic provisions for structural steel buildings

Main Frame Structure

We can design the main frame structure according to the various requirements of our customers, including:

Steel structure without a central column.

Steel structure with a central column.

Steel structure with two internal columns.

Steel structure with three internal columns.

Steel structure with one central column and two roof trusses.

Steel structure with a pitched roof without a central column.

Steel structure supported by concrete columns.

Steel structure for building extensions with concrete columns.

Secondary structure

Another important component of the steel building is the purlins.

Purlins have the essential role of holding the roof and wall metal sheets securely to the main frame structure. Having strong and durable purlins enhances the aesthetics of the building because when we install metal sheets, they align smoothly and tightly, and they can effectively withstand wind forces.

The material we use for our purlins is galvanized steel, often in the form of Z-sections, known for their high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Purlin lap at main frame rafter

Z-section purlins can be overlapped, doubling their strength at the point where they receive the highest load.

Building Component Fabrication

At FABRIC STEEL, we manufacture every building component in our modern factory using state-of-the-art machinery and software. This ensures that we produce high-quality components that can be quickly and easily installed at the construction site. Our fabricated components result in aesthetically pleasing, robust, and durable structures.

Building installation

FABRIC STEEL has an experienced team of installers who specialize in assembling pre-engineered steel buildings directly. This allows us to efficiently, swiftly, and securely construct steel buildings in accordance with international standards.